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Meet The Dog Lady Team


Jill Hyslop

Founder and Owner

Studied Animal Behavior and Welfare with Edinburgh University, Went on to achieve a further diploma in Canine Emotion and Cognition, qualified in Dog Grooming in Manchester Achieved Behavior Consultant status with the British College of Canine Studies, currently studying Canine Ethology with the Cambridge Ethology Institute. Canine First Responder.

We are fascinated by dogs. Their ability to adapt and mold themselves into our lives is incredible. Thousands of years ago humans competed with wolves for food, we were enemies, competitors for life, and then somehow in some moment somewhere a wolf proved that it could be useful to the humans and there started an incredible journey of evolution and interdependency that has never been seen before or since.

Nowadays dogs help us farm, help us protect livestock and property, protect people, work with armies and police forces all over the world, entertain, keep up company, keep us fit, help with PTSD , visit the sick and old to spread joy, help people with all sorts of disabilities from seeing eye dogs, to dogs for physically disabled, to diabetes and seizure alert dogs, to hearing dogs, to cancer detection dogs to emotional support dogs, and perhaps the most important role of all - the companion and family dog - teaching us all about love and loyalty.

They have(on the whole) moved themselves from living isolated outside the home to living inside as part of the family and onto our couches and even into our beds.

However this progression was not without its cost to dogs, the have changed their shape, their size, their colours, their coats, their abilities to survive to adapt to living with us, but our lives and our society has changed even faster.

The role a dog plays in our lives is so dramatically different that sometimes we forget that they still have canine insticnts and needs and if we dont meet those then we will have behavioral difficulties. Even the tiniest chihuahua needs to be allowed to be a dog- albeit safely.

Dogs have developed an incredible ability to read our body language, they are skilled interpreters, however, sadly we have not developed the same skills in reading them and often anthromorphisise them and completely misinterpret what they are trying to say which sadly often results in dogs being punished or children being bitten.

Here at The Dog Lady we offer three main services that help us to have happier healthier dogs, and happier healthier stress-free relationships with our dogs. Daycare, Grooming and Training.