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Hi There,

Thanks for your enquiry about our training services.

We offer a variety of training options from group classes which are €100 for 5 week blocks. They run each Sunday for 5 weeks. We have classes all the way from puppy kindergarten to dog “pawsiversity”

If your dog has had no formal training then we’d recommend starting at kindergarten level as all our levels build from skills learned in the previous level.

Wednesday to Friday 9.30AM-6.00PM
Saturday 10.30AM-4.00PM
Sunday 9.30AM-4.00PM for group classes.

All our classes take place at our training field just outside Dungarvan. Please note this is outdoors and we can’t control the weather so please dress accordingly. We still train in the rain.

Our next kindergarten, junior infants, primary and secondary school classes start in January 2022. Let me know if you’d like to
Book a space.

We also train in the sports of canine hoopers – again €100 for five sessions, and agility which is again €100 per 5 week block course.

We have an affiliation with “Hounds and Helis” training who offer man trailing classes too.

We do one to one training sessions on site at either the training field or at my office in Dungarvan town and they are €50/ hour.

Or we do home visits to deal with any particular issues you might have that need to be dealt with on site. Those visits are €95 (plus travel outside of Dungarvan area) for first visit. €60/visit for every subsequent visit.
Nuisance behaviours, unwanted behaviours, separation anxiety, aggression, resource guarding etc.

Please note that the class training environment may not be suitable for dogs that bark and lunge at others on a walk. We can help with that, but it would need to be on a one to one basis at first.

We also have an online school which covers most of the common issues.

Please let me know what route you would like to take or if you want to speak with me, send on your phone number and I’ll call you.

To book onto one of our courses simply let us have your name, dogs name and your telephone number and tell us which class you’d like to join.

This is a google maps link to our training field – if you follow this link it will take you to the gate.

52°03’39.8″N 7°43’10.6″W




Our next block of courses start dates will be available on our fb page. Please click the below link or feel free to get in touch directly!