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Doggy Day Care

Firstly we offer Doggy Daycare in a 3,400 sq ft purpose designed facility. We offer indoor and outdoor play areas, equipped with paddling pools, sandpits, slides, and a myriad of toys. We run our daycare in line with the Five Freedoms to ensure the happiness of our doggie residents. Dogs have a thorough Temperament assessment being able to join our daycare. This helps us to understand their personality, energy levels and play style. We can then match them to an appropriate group and start the introduction process.

Ours days are structured around playtimes for each group in the both the inside and outside play areas. We have a snack time and a nap time – just the same as a human child’s daycare – thus ensuring that each dog has down time and is not over stimulated. We only use kind, modern, scientifically proven methods to manage the dogs in our care. The Dogs are Supervised at ALL times and are NEVER left unattended.

We open at 7.30 am til 6.00pm mon-Fri and 9.00-5.00 on a saturday.

Daycare is a fantastic way to keep your dog happy and safe whilst you go to work or take a day trip. simply book your dog in and go about your day content in the knowledge that he or she is in a safe, happy environment having fun and getting tired so that all you have to do on your return is feed your dog and watch it sleep.

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