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Jill Hyslop -

Founder and Owner

Hi there and thanks for visiting my website. I wanted to give you a little background on myself and my passion for dogs.
My name is Jill and I am obsessed with dogs and their world. I live in Ireland, with my husband who is a certified canine nutritionist, our Children and our 5 dogs.

Animals have always been my passion, and there are many stories from my early childhood where I had a bond or relationship with animals that really wanted nothing to do with anyone else- Dogs that were seen as aggressive, feral cats, cows, donkeys, even wild rabbits were my friends and I always said I wanted to be an animal trainer. Well half a century ago in Ireland this wasn’t accepted as a legitimate job, so as I grew up I began to conform to more accepted norms and went on to have a career in the corporate world, which I enjoyed and will be forever grateful for.

However, life finds a way and what’s for you won’t pass by you and after my first marriage ended in divorce I found myself at a crossroads and the old callings of wanting to work with animals resurfaced from the depths of my soul, so I went back to studying. I studied Animal Behaviour & Welfare with Edinburgh University, went onto study Canine Cognition and Emotion with Dr Brian Hare and then have spent the last 15 years learning as much as possible about our canine partners.

In addition I’ve studied with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), The Ethology Institute, The School of Canine Science, The P. Professional Guild (of which I am a proud full member) and have done many many CPD seminars and courses every year. Continuous Professional Development is very important to me, Behavioral Science is an ever changing field and !want to make sure I always stay current.

I specialise in Pet Family Dogs, and therefore work in a punishment free space with rewards and reinforcement based methods. I believe with all my heart that a pet dog should only ever associate humans with good things. Human hands should only give -never take, pet never hurt and human voices soothe and cue, not scold or scare. My training is based on the bond between dog and human. This makes our pet dogs safer to have in the home – police dogs and military dogs etc can be trained with aversive but to my mind, those techniques have no place whatsoever in a family home. That’s not to say our dogs don’t have to be obedient or compliant – of course they do, but we concentrate on teaching what we want, rather than punishing what we don’t and in my experience that works faster and is more reliable than the alternative.

I run group classes for all levels of training and we also teach some dog sports – Agility and Canine Hoopers. We also do some one to one training in dogs’ own home and can help with issues like aggression, resource guarding or dog reactivity.

In a nutshell, I want you to live happily ever after with your dog and I believe that my courses and training programmes will help you to do exactly that.


When I first started out as a trainer I was getting lots of enquiries from people who’s dogs had issues being groomed and that piqued an interest so I learned to groom at the Firtree grooming academy in Manchester, England and started to work with these very nervous dogs and !found that I loved it Fast forward 15 years and I am very proud to have a grooming salon that puts the dogs’ experience and welfare at the centre of everything we do. I have a small team of like minded groomers and we will do everything possible to make sure that your dog enjoys their pamer session in our salon. Our salon is modern and clean and warm and designed to help the dogs relax and enjoy their time there. Conveniently situated upstairs in Timmy’s pet shop in Dungarvan we would only help you manage your dog’s coat and groom. If you sign up to our VID (Very Important Dogs) programme – we will agree an appropriate schedule of grooming with you for your dog and help you to manage that and all our VID customers get priority appointments in busy times. VID customers will have their dogs groomed every 6-10 weeks.

All our VID customers can have free nail and fringe trims between grooms too if needed.

We Are Here to Help.

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